Natural horses taming

For those who may be interested in teaching your horse in this system, we offer you the possibility to bring the horse to our facilities in order to have our help. We can work some sessions on the horse and then teach you how to work on this system. This is aimed at people who want to learn to control their horse and have a better relationship with him, those who want to work on this system, or those who want to do shows.

* We do not give classes to our horses, only to people with their own horse.

By training them with a system like
natural domination, you gain their confidence and allow them to learn to be bravest and not to be afraid of either of us or the many things that surround them.

The most important thing is to have a well-structured method of teaching the horse and then following a good training program.

This system is based on the way in which horses communicate and relate to each other.

This allows us to teach them more quickly, since for them it is a more direct and understandable language.
My work system is based on teaching the horse on foot, with the rope, until reaching Have good control and, above all, the maximum confidence on your part. When I see that the horse responds perfectly, I forego the rope and I begin to train in freedom.

It is a trusted test where you can see if the horse accepts you and wants to be with you, since there is no physical bond between the two. If the horse is not trusted or he does not feel safe, he will leave. Demonstrating that you love and have control of the situation, it accepts you as a leader. The horses feel more confident when they see that you have everything under control. When, in freedom, they respond to all my instructions, I teach them assembled, everything they have learned on foot on the ground.
When they respond to all the demands in freedom, I teach what they have learned on the floor rising to the back.

If you earn your confidence mounted, just like
you won it on foot, you have a horse with which you can do things you never imagined.

Many times, we have heard that in order to tame a horse
you need a lot of rod and little food.
That is totally wrong. Nothing less than the other way around: good food and little stick, and above all to show them how much you love them.
Acting always with respect, we will improve the person-horse relationship and will contribute to create a better world for them.

Classic tame

Directed to people who want to train their horse to start assembling it or to improve the level of riding. At our facilities we do riding classes for riders with their own horse. * We do not have our horses for classes.

The horses are asymmetrical in themselves. All have, by nature, asymmetries that are reflected in the movement and that are accentuated by the weight of the rider. Correcting them improves the balance, muscularity and condition of the horse.

We take advantage of the trust and knowledge of natural domes to start our horses in the classic dressage. So we can have a safe, calm, fearless horse, with a good balance, that responds to the aid and that it develops good bodybuilding in order to ensure good results in the future.

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